Monday, May 10, 2010

Beautiful long nails?

Hi..My nails are short and disgusting...Ok can someone please write down things that i should Daily,Weekly..etc To get my nails long and beautifulBeautiful long nails?
Try using sally hansen nail polish you can find it in any drugstore or surprise walmart. They have some that are full of vitamins and made to help short brital nails. The type of nail polish that is used is a factor as to weather or not it will help keep your nails healthy. Vitamins help as well.Beautiful long nails?
Biotin vitamins in 1000 mcg.

Works like a charm :]

Your nails, hair %26amp; skin will benefit quickly!

And yes, by quickly, I mean my nails grew faster within days and my hair was stronger, and my pimples went away. My friend had some acne on her cheeks and after two days her cheeks were noticeably clearer.
I would start by wearing rubber gloves when cleaning and washing up to protect your nails. Use an emery board about every second day to file them into shape and stop them from breaking when they start to get a bit long. Then use a really good clear nail hardener to paint on them and and redo this when it look like its starting to chip or wear off.

Or, you could just do what i've started to do, and treat your self to a manicure every 2nd week!

P.S And don't forget to rub in a hand and nail cream too!
I am certified beauty consultant and I can recommend you some good products with 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!! Email me at with this same question again and I will be happy to give you name of products, some life style recommendations and web site you may purchase the products from. Hope this will help!
I use Sally Hanson products. They have polish for strength, %26amp; Growth that I use. I also take B vitamins.

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