Friday, May 14, 2010

Do guys prefer short or long nails on women?

I like them long enough to scratch my back , BUT not so long that they can't open a can of soda-pop or turn a door knob...( and it's a real turn-off when you gotta listen to '; I broke a nail !!!'; all night long !!!Do guys prefer short or long nails on women?
Guys don't care.Do guys prefer short or long nails on women?
Short, and clean. women with long nails never clean under thier nails as often as they should. Basically if you have long nails your should scrub under them as often as you wash your hands. nurses in california are not allowed to grow thier nails longer than half an inch because they found that they were giving patients infections of bacteria and other crap. alot of times i'll see a chick go in the ladies room and come out really fast- not long enough to wash her hands and nails. Then they will start putting thier unwashed, poopscooper nails in thier mouth when they're eating!

The other nasty thing is when they wll scrap dried crust out of thier nose when they think noone is looking. Course she will go right from picking her nose to eating french fries or something.

And you girls say guys are gross!
short,if they try to scratch you when they get mad.
Who cares? They are nails. They probably only care if they are disgusting. The mostly care about the two Bs(boobs %26amp; booty).
why ask the boys???? all they think about anyways is seeing women naked not their nails but i think long nails are creepy but long nails to me should only come out 2 cm and if you paint the top part white and all the other part light red it looks awesome@!!!
I like big breasts and a pulse.

Do women have nails? Yes, I suppose they do. Never noticed.
Long nails = :(

Short nails = :D
i heard this guy say long because you girls could put that nail up their butttts LOL
short is better

Short nails please.
depends on her for the most part. its her nails not his nails.
Definately short
Short nails.

I won't have to explain the scratch marks down my back.
Short nails.
well i noticed that if girls wear fake nails that are to long, or grow thier own nails to long, guys think you are a ****, so i would say keep them on the short side, but nicely manicured.
I have long nails once in a while, and my boyfriend likes them long better
my hubby likes me with long/medium lenth. I like them also because it makes my hands look nicer.
Not two centimeters that's 3/4 of an inch, way to long and definitely not white tips.
well unless they like a good backscratching i would say no. my husband didn't.

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